Well Testing

Well Testing scope includes execution of a set of planned data acquisition activities to broaden the knowledge and understanding of hydrocarbons properties and characteristics of the underground reservoir where hydrocarbons are trapped.

Vantage offers our services to provide information about the state of the particular well used to collect data using our own set of equipments along with our well testing experts.

The overall objective is identifying the reservoir’s capacity to produce hydrocarbons, such as oil, natural gas and condensate.

Data gathered during the test period includes volumetric flow rate and pressure observed in the selected well. Outcomes of a well test, for instance flow rate data and gas oil ratio data, may support the well allocation process for an ongoing production phase, while other data about the reservoir capabilities will support reservoir management.

Surface Flowback Package

This is the process of allowing fluids to flow from the well following intervention works, i.e coil-tubing, flowback management plays a very important role in reducing risks associated with sand and produced solids, ensuring no upsets or damage to downstream production equipment.

A typical package that Vantage offers consists of Surface Safety Valve, Choke Manifold, Sour Service rated pipeworks, and Sand Filter skid helps optimize oil and gas production rates, at the same time making sure that solids production is within the client’s tolerable limits.

Well Unloading / Well Clean-Up

Prior to handing over a completed well and connecting it to production facility’s permanent system, clean-up and commissioning needs to take place to make sure that completion fluid, brine/mud and debris is properly handled and disposed.

Vantage Energy Group offers clean up package which includes surface multi-phase fluids separation system and solids management.

Separated gas can either be flared or vented off, while the liquids are pumped to storage tanks to be kept and transported back to land for disposal. For limited offshore storage tanks, water handling system can be deployed to treat the water and discharged to the sea as permitted by offshore regulatory.


You are not meeting your daily production target? Your high producing wells are shut in for the longest of time due to high sand production?

Vantage Energy Group offers a desanding package capable of handling full well stream fluids from an oil producer that’s been shut in due to high sand returns. Pressure rating of our desander/sand filter unit ranges between 5,000psi and 10,000psi, with selection of 50, 100 and 200 micron filter screens, it is designed to remove sand and other solid particles from well effluent to prevent erosion of downstream process equipment. The dual pot system with high pressure bypass valve allows switching of flow between pots for continuous sand removal and offline flushing, thus eliminating the risk of well shut in due to screens plug-up. Optional sand box for sand collection and disposal will be the perfect line up to the complete sand management package that you are looking for.