Well Services

We have in-house expertise in providing engineering solution in asset maintenance and decommissioning:

Well Intervention & Workover

Well intervention and workover operations are performed for maintenance purposes to keep production levels up, but also for remedial objectives. They’re mainly carried out on oil or gas producing wells at any step of their productive life. These oilfield maintenance operations are executed to optimize oil or gas production and keep it to a satisfactory level.

Vantage can offer a light weight Hydraulic Snubbing Unit, quick deployment, minimal crew, heavy duty and low cost.


  • Can perform under pressure and well flowing
  • Wide array scope of work can be undertaken
  • Small foot print
  • Compact equipment and relatively
  • Faster rig up/rig down time
  • Faster running time than conventional rig unit
  • Higher pulling capability for fishing job
  • Rotating capability while under pressure


  • Sand Washing / Well cleaning
  • Cementing
  • Drill out / Milling cement / Sediment
  • Unload Liquid
  • Acidizing / stimulation
  • Running / Pulling Gas Lift Macaroni
  • ESP work over / Light Work Over
  • Straddle Isolation
  • Fishing

Integrated Well Plug & Abandonment Solutions

After a well’s productive life, it is usually plugged and abandoned with cement and heavy mud.

Vantage provides a state of the art for rock to rock P&A solution using the Perf-Wash-Cement (PWC®) technique. PWC® is developed as an alternative single trip P&A solutions to conventional section milling. Wash clean behind casing but good cement and spray jet cement slurry through perforated hole and forcing more cement into annulus by creating flow resistance. No milling, no swarf, no pulling, no BOP damage, less time.

Applicable for fixing well with sustained annulus pressure (SAP).