VOS Supplies Surface Flowback Package For Contaminated Drilling Returns

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April 19, 2017
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VOS Supplies Surface Flowback Package For Contaminated Drilling Returns

Flowback services deliver debris free fluids

Vantage Oilfield Solutions (VOS) Sdn Bhd was contracted by Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) to handle contaminated drilling fluids and associated crude from a well on a production platform, offshore Sarawak, Malaysia. Following an extensive drilling campaign one of the wells was suspected to have a large amount of drilling fluids and mud left in both strings. Due to the nature of these heavily contaminated fluids, flowing them directly back to the production facilities on the platform would create significant problems with the downstream process equipment and subsequent environmental produced water discharges.

VOS delivered a temporary equipment handling equipment package inclusive of well control, chemical injection, solids removal and water treatment technologies to safely handle and treat these well fluids and ensure that there was no disruption to the existing Production Facility. The package supplied by VOS was inclusive of specialist manpower to operate 24 hours a day and was designed to handle a wide variety of potential flowback conditions and fluid content.

During the two week project Petronas successfully flowed both production strings via the VOS package and then to the existing facility free of any residual drilling fluids, mud or heavy solids debris.

Commenting on the project, VOS Senior Technical Professional, Jonathan Tang said “This was a challenging project based on the live well fluids that we had to handle and the unexpected nature of the returns. During the project we managed to meet all of the set deliverables and customer requirements. It was a pleasure to work with the Petronas team both offshore and onshore”.

VOS is a Malaysian Well Services company specialising in surface based solutions to maintain, restore and enhance production.