Well Testing

Malaysia’s first Snubbing Campaign with PETRONAS Sabah – 2 wells (2016)
April 4, 2019
Zero Flare Gas Recovery Solution
June 14, 2017

Well Testing scope includes execution of a set of planned data acquisition activities to broaden the knowledge and understanding of hydrocarbons properties and characteristics of the underground reservoir where hydrocarbons are trapped.

Vantage offers our services to provide information about the state of the particular well used to collect data using our own set of equipments along with our well testing experts.

The overall objective is identifying the reservoir's capacity to produce hydrocarbons, such as oil, natural gas and condensate.

Data gathered during the test period includes volumetric flow rate and pressure observed in the selected well. Outcomes of a well test, for instance flow rate data and gas oil ratio data, may support the well allocation process for an ongoing production phase, while other data about the reservoir capabilities will support reservoir management.