Long Term Well Testing mobilised for Halliburton Energy Services

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April 25, 2017
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April 25, 2017

Long Term Well Testing mobilised for Halliburton Energy Services

Surface Sand Removal Expertise and Specialist Well Testing Manpower

Vantage Oilfield Solutions Sdn. Bhd (VOS) was contracted by Halliburton Energy Services Sdn. Bhd to supply its Surface Sand Removal expertise and specialist manpower for a long term Well Testing campaign on a series of gas wells for Shell, offshore Sarawak Malaysia. VOS mobilised a 10K psi dual Sand Pot filter with 50 micron screens to meet the stringent sand removal requirements and high gas flowrates anticipated. Two specialist VOS operators were provided to manage 24 hour operations. During the campaign the VOS equipment captured in excess of 250kg of fine solids debris handling gas flowrates in excess of 130 MMScfd.

The innovative design of the VOS equipment to handle such high flowrates and remove fine solids allowed the end user to clean up and fully test each of the gas wells.

Vantage Oilfield Solutions Sdn Bhd (VOS) specialise in the management and treatment of well flow-back, CTU and well clean up returns utilising surface based well service technologies and expertise.


Products Used:
Dual Pot Sand Filters

Services Used:
Desanding, Production Enhancement