Energy Production

Our commitment to renewable energy and preserving the environment can already be seen in the measures and technology we use to reduce our carbon footprint. We at VANTAGE Energy, however, are exploring more steps to integrate more sustainable energy solutions for a better future as we utilise our expertise to explore sustainable energy options that come from the ocean, wind, geothermal and solar.


Being sustainable isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a mission we at VANTAGE have set out for ourselves. We plan to be a green energy sustainable company, which is why we’ve made in-roads towards producing clean fuel that is free of carbon emissions and pollution. We intend to explore Ethanol and palm sugar as a source of biofuel by creating strategic farming partnerships with SUGAR PALM producers.

VANTAGE recognises that agriculture-based products such as the – SUGAR PALM are thoroughly researched for its ability to produce biofuel across all its components. As such, we can harvest a sustainable stock of bio-Ethanol in the future that will support our efforts in reducing our carbon emissions and footprint.

As the mode of transportation will mainly still revolve around land and air, being able to mix gasoline with alternative fuels like biofuels will be the first step in lowering carbon emissions. Until high-efficiency engines become available, VANTAGE would like to play a pivotal role in ensuring future demands are met.

Solar Power

The tropical region of ASEAN is blessed with sunny skies nearly all year round. As such solar energy has great potential in being one of the renewable sources of energy aside from hydro in the coming years.
With an ever-rising electricity demand for Malaysia, solar power could help close the gap of demand.