Dialog Systems – Petronas Carigali – SKO – J4 Platform Offshore Sarawak, Production Enhancement

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April 25, 2017
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April 25, 2017

Dialog Systems – Petronas Carigali – SKO – J4 Platform Offshore Sarawak, Production Enhancement

Boost production, boost profits

There are numerous reasons why the biggest and best names in oil and gas call us in to work with them. From protecting expensive equipment to ensuring continuous operation to delivering essential QHSE, we provide a range of essential and valuable oilfield production services; all at a great price.

In the case of an ongoing project for Dialog Systems Sdn Bhd at the J4 platform offshore Sarawak, East Malaysia our role was specific. In addition to delivering our usual efficiency support we were tasked with providing a very clear benefit – to help boost production. That we were able to deliver the project in double quick time also proved a very good reason to use us.

Starting in May 2012 the J4 platform has been using our well control and well management technology to separate gas and liquid from LP wells. The separated gas is fed into a gas boosting ejector system and the separated liquid into a dual centrifugal pump package.

Not only has production been enhanced but there’s been no downtime. More that, Currently shut-in HP wells are now able to flow relieving LP wells of any potential backpressure.

Here’s a list of the equipment package that we’ve supplied:

  1. 5K Surface Safety Valve (SSV) complete with ESD Package.
  2. 5K Choke Manifold.
  3. 600 psi rated gas/liquid separator.
  4. Multistage Centrifugal Pump Packages.
  5. Associated pipework and flowlines.
  6. Specialist manpower to run the package.
  7. Specified, deployed and supported by Vantage our system has played a major role in a production enhancement project increasing output by 700 bopd.

    Are you looking to boost production too? Profitably? Safely? Compliantly?

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Products Used:
Flowlines, Test Separators

Services Used:
Production Enhancement