Making An Impact On Society

We at VANTAGE recognise that we can be a force for good not just for our customers but for our society as well. Which is why we strive to make an impact where we can by running multiple corporate social responsibility programs.

Here are some of the notable projects that we have had the privilege of helping and promoting.

Karnival Semarak Autisme

Genius Kurnia is an early intervention centre for children with autism and families. VANTAGE was the main sponsor for Karnival Semarak Autisme. During this carnival, aside from creating awareness on autism, they also launch iKurnia -online learning system for autism.

Project Bina Ukhwah

This special project was a partnership project with one of our construction partners to renovate some of the homes that are in dire need of repair in Kampong Lumut.

These makeshift homes were a structural hazard and were in bad conditions before the VANTAGE team went in to renovate and rebuild the place from the ground up.

The project also identified a flooding problem that tends to happen due to a bad sewerage system. The team went the extra mile to renovate and improve the sewerage system of the affected compounds to prevent future floods from the area.

Donation of Life Jackets

ARSB has donated life jackets to the residents of Kampong Pudak, Kota Batu.

A total of 18 Lifejackets was handed over to the Village Head.

Financial Donations

VANTAGE has also provided donations to various charities and groups across Malaysia. The donations were made to multiple Non-Government Organisations as well as even a religious school in Cambodia.